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The seminal case of Van Gend & Loos offered the Court an opportunity to proclaim the doctrine of the direct effect of EU law within the legal orders of the Member States. In practice, this means.

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Case 26/62 Van Gend en Loos by Lawprof Team In shop: First-class Oxbridge premium notes Law has never been this simple Go to shop Key point This case established that Treaty provisions have direct effect in national law i.e., they can be relied upon by individuals in national courts A provision must be clear and unconditional to have direct effect

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The Van Gend en Loos judgment is consequently not just a historical event of limited importance for contemporary affairs. It constitutes a focal point for a rich patchwork of constantly reproduced historical memory and myths used for ideological purposes. This makes the judgment particularly ripe for historical analysis.

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Van Gend en Loos ( VGL) was understood very differently at the time to how it is understood today. 1 Within the Court, it was seen as a compromise judgment 2 and the distinguished comparatists, Riesenfeld and Buxbaum, noted that the judgment neither ventured "beyond the line of minimum exposure" nor engaged in "a premature en tanglement with con.

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The product imported by Van Gend & Loos was, at the time of the entry into force of the Treaty of Rome (1 January 1958), subject to a customs duty charged at 3 %, as it was classified under heading 279-a-2 of the 1947 customs tariff. Under the 1960 tariff, the product was moved to heading 39.01-a-1, to which a higher duty of 8 % was attached.

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Van Gend en Loos, a postal and transportation company, imported urea formaldehyde from West Germany to the Netherlands. The authorities charged them a tariff on the import. Van Gend en Loos objected, stating that it was a clear violation of Article 12 of the Treaty of Rome (now replaced by Article 30 TFEU), which stated:

An early 20th century Van Gend & Loos delivery truck Van Gend & Loos Wikipedia

EUR-Lex - 61962CJ0026 - EN - EUR-Lex EUROPA EUR-Lex home EUR-Lex - 61962CJ0026 - EN Document 61962CJ0026 Judgment of the Court of 5 February 1963. NV Algemene Transport- en Expeditie Onderneming van Gend & Loos v Netherlands Inland Revenue Administration. Reference for a preliminary ruling: Tariefcommissie - Netherlands. Case 26-62.

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The judgment - usually mentioned in one breath with its Italian twin Flaminio Costa v ENEL - is known as one of the landmark decisions that made the EU what it is today, with EU lawyers claiming that the EU may not even have survived without them. The Court of Justice itself celebrated the anniversary of the decision with a festive event in 2013. Jan Daatzelaar bij Van Gend en Loos

Van Gend en Loos is a case with more than a single protagonist—central both to its genesis and its subsequent impact. The very decision by the Dutch court to make a preliminary reference (and the truly breakthrough decision of the lawyers who pleaded the case to request such) was not only procedurally and politically bold but conceptually.

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van Gend en Loos: Free movement of goods - Customs union. Free movement of goods - Customs union; Available in : Spanish; Danish; German; Greek; English; French; Italian; Dutch; Portuguese; C-26/62: Judgment ECLI:EU:C:1963:1: 05/02/1963: van Gend en Loos: Free movement of goods - Customs union. Free movement of goods - Customs union; Available in :

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Van Gend en Loos, voluit Van Gend en Loos t. Nederlandse administratie der belastingen ( HvJ 5 februari 1963 , 26/62, ECLI:EU:C:1963:1 , Jur. 1963, p. 3 .) is de roepnaam van een standaardarrest van het Hof van Justitie van de Europese Gemeenschappen gewezen op 5 februari 1963, betreffende een verzoek om een prejudiciële beslissing van de.

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WHAT DOES THE JUDGMENT ESTABLISH? In its judgment, the Court of Justice of the European Union (the Court) enshrines the direct effect of European Union (EU) law. The judgment states that EU law not only engenders obligations for EU Member States, but also rights for individuals.

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On 13 May 2013, at the seat of the Court of Justice in Luxembourg, a day of reflection took place to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the judgment in Van Gend en Loos, delivered on 5 February 1963.During the day, the judgment was examined as a source of and a framework for the principles which have shaped the constitutional structure of the European Union and from the point of view of its.

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In Van Gend en Loos [1] it was decided that a citizen was able to enforce a right granted by European Community legislation against the state - the question of whether rights could be enforced against another citizen was not addressed. In Defrenne v.

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This essay examines, first, the reasons for the extraordinary impact and iconic status which are attached to Van Gend en Loos. It argues that the explanation lies in a confluence of structural factors and not in the 'direct effect' doctrine simpliciter. It then looks at the 'darker' side of the case - a proxy for governance - its.

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William Phelan Chapter Get access Share Cite Summary This chapter discusses the Court's 1963 judgment, Van Gend en Loos, where the Court declared that European law could be relied upon by private individuals before their national courts.