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Jodie's Axolotls, UK, Wallasey. 3,244 likes · 3 talking about this. Owner and hobby breeder of Axolotls for 6 years, I breed most colours. I live in Wallasey on the wirral, CH45. Feel free to message me.

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Sale Melanoid Axolotl $115.00 $105.00 Albino axolotl $75.00 Sale Golden Albino Baby $120.00 $99.00 Add to cart Overview of Axolotl Natural Habitat Physical Characteristics Behaviors and Life Cycle The axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) is an aquatic salamander found in the canals of Xochimilco, Mexico.

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Axolotl for sale Blackpool. Captive bred axolotl for sale in many colours: leucistic, wild type, gold, albino and more. Tanks and accessories for sale. × CLOSE MENU. Home; Animals.. [email protected] Pet Shop License Number: AWL0014 Company Number: 11498742 VAT: GB302506060. About Blackpool Reptiles. Livestock Guarantee.

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From £40.00 Details Do Axolotls make good pets? Axolotls are aquatic Salamanders that remain in a juvenile-like state throughout their entire lives, keeping their external feathery gills and underdeveloped limbs despite reaching a sexually mature stage and being able to reproduce.

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SHOP NOW UK bred Axolotls Our selection of healthy, hand raised, U.K bred axolotls Shop All Quick View Leucistic Axolotls 10cm Out of stock Quick View #23 Golden Axolotl 12-15cm Out of stock Read Our Blog Arrived this morning as promised!

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The type of axolotl that is commonly available to buy as pets within the UK are of the Ambystoma Mexicana genus. Correctly cared for, they are hardy animals that can live for well over ten years under suitable conditions.

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Ambystoma mexicanum Axolotls are large aquatic salamanders only found in parts of Mexico. They are easy to keep and grow to an impressive 30cm, making the Axolotl a popular exotic pet. Reptile Courier (2-7 working days) Normal/Wild Type (CB23) 10-15cm Earn 75 PetPoints £14.95 Reptile Courier (2-7 working days) Albino Axolotl (10-15cm)

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Axolotl. Axolotls are an interesting aquatic amphibian. Naturally they can only be found in one river in Mexico. They are quite unique in that they can remain in a larval state. Axolotls have a carnivorous diet of meat and invertebrates. With a long life and a lot of personality axolotls can be a great pet.

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These Pink Axolotls are captive bred locally. They are well settled and feeding on frozen bloodworm. Care level: Easy. Max Size: 25cm. Diet: Carnivore. Temp: 14-20°C. PH: 6.5-7.5. Purchase size: 5-7cm. Axolotls are unique and fascinating creatures that make great pets.

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27 Axolotl reptiles for sale Save Search Boosted Adverts 9 6 hours Boost 1 wild type and 1 leaucy Axolotl's for sale! Male £20 Axolotl Age: 3 years Male I have 1 wild type axolotl (4 years old) and 1 leaucy axolotl (3 years old) for sale. Both healthy and have lived the same tank together for 2 years. Both male! Although it is not recommended , the

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£25 Featured ad New 4 2 Axolotls Wells, Somerset 2 Black Axolotls for sale. Unsure of sex and age of each one.

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10 Axolotl For Sale Reptiles and Amphibians For Sale Scarborough | For Sale by Faye Cockerny Francis Different colours available.. delivery next day by 1pm £15.. Please do your research.. Wilds are £1o each..others colours £2o each or 2 for £35.any questions please feel free to ask .,.. 20 4 Axolotl babies for sale

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Welcome to the Axolotl, Newts & Frogs Section. Please find below our stock listings for Amphibians, Starter Tanks and Food. Please note, we only send our Amphibians once a week on a next day delivery signed for service.

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Live Axolotls, eggs & larvae for sale online UK. Delivery available.

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£20 Each For Sale 10 x Axolotl eggs laid 27th December

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SALE! Nightcrawler Feeder Pack (Axolotl Food Subscription) $94.99 A DOLLAR A DAY TO FEED YOUR AXOLOTL!

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