MountainStyle AFrame Cabin by Todd Gordon Mather Architect Wowow

12 Stylish AFrame House Designs With Pictures Updated 2020

A-Frame house plans consist of steep-angled roof lines that slope down to the foundation line in the literal form of an "A". This architectural style rose to popularity in the mid-1950s and continued through the 1970s as homeowners sought an inexpensive way to build a vacation home.Today, modified A-Frame homes still feature the signature steep-pitched roof but raised walls on each side of the.

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Standard 2×6. Dimensions. 38'0″ width x 61'0″ depth. Ceiling Heights. 1st Floor: 9'0″, 2nd Floor: 9'0″. Architectural Style. A-frame, Cabin, Contemporary, Mountain, Rustic. Experience the allure of contemporary architecture with this stunning A-Frame design, a harmonious blend of form and function.

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Planning Your A-Frame House The most common shape is equilateral — joists and rafters are equal in length and set at angles of 60 degrees to each other. You can use different angles to modify.

12 Stylish AFrame House Designs With Pictures Updated 2020

Structurally speaking, an A-frame is a triangular-shaped home with a series of rafters or trusses that are joined at the peak and descend outward to the main floor with no intervening vertical walls. Although some may vary, the typical A-frame has a roofline that connects at a sixty-degree angle to create an equilateral triangle.

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A-Frame house plans are often known for their cozy and inviting central living areas, as well as sweeping, wrap-around decks. These homes are suitable for a variety of landscapes and can often be considered Vacation home plans, Waterfront houses, and Mountain homes. Closely related to chalets, A-Frame home designs are well suited for all types.

30 Amazing Tiny Aframe Houses That You'll Actually Want To Live in

What is an A-Frame House? The A-Frame is an enduring piece of architecture that is characterized by its triangular shape and famously functional design. It's built out of a series of rafters and roof trusses that join at the peak to form a gable roof and descend outward to the ground with no other intervening vertical walls.

MountainStyle AFrame Cabin by Todd Gordon Mather Architect Wowow

Building a custom vacation home allows you to handpick your ideal getaway location, whether Lake Tahoe, California, with its plentitude of outdoor recreation or Aspen, Colorado, famous for its stunning natural beauty and world-class skiing. Reconnect with the great outdoors today and find the perfect A-frame house plan with Monster House Plans.

12 Stylish AFrame House Designs With Pictures Updated 2020

This modern A-frame house plan has an exterior with cedar siding and a metal roof. On the right, an airlock-type entry gets you inside - as do sliding doors on the front and back - introducing you to an open layout.The kitchen includes a pantry, a large island with a snack bar, and ample counter space. The great room lies under a soaring 2-story cathedral ceiling (the highest point of the.

12 Stylish AFrame House Designs With Pictures Updated 2020

How it works Contact us A-frame House Plans Generally, A-frame house plans are simple and very functional. Due to their self-supporting structure, A-frames are perfect for creating open space floor plans. A-frame houses owe their name to the characteristic shape of their roof.

MountainStyle AFrame Cabin by Todd Gordon Mather Architect Wowow

Recognizable worldwide, A-frame house plans feature angled rooflines sloping almost to ground level, giving the architectural design its name. Beautifully designed and economically cons.. Read More 49 Results Page of 4 Clear All Filters A Frame SORT BY Save this search SAVE PLAN #963-00659 Starting at $1,500 Sq Ft 2,007 Beds 2 Baths 2 ½ Baths 0

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True to its name, an A-frame is an architectural house style that resembles the letter "A." This type of house features steeply angled walls that begin near the foundation, forming a triangle. These houses boast high interior ceilings, open floor plans, large windows, loft space and wood siding, among other features.

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The A-Frame home plan is the classic contemporary vacation design style. A-frame homes have been cast in the role of a "getaway" place for several good reasons. First, the steep pitch or triangular shape of the a-frame's roof is undaunted by the weight of heavy snowfall.

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1 2 3+ Total sq ft Width (ft) Depth (ft) Plan # Filter by Features A Frame House Plans, Floor Plan Designs & Blueprints Anyone who has trouble discerning one architectural style from the next will appreciate a-frame house plans. Why?

MountainStyle AFrame Cabin by Todd Gordon Mather Architect Wowow

An A-frame house is a simple, affordable, and informal architectural style that has the tall and triangular shape of the capital letter A. It has steep sides that start low, sometimes near to the ground, and peak at the top of the house. The interior is often open-concept with a lack of dividing walls.

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