The Best MK7 GTI Coilovers VW Tuning

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#1 Looking into buying a set of coilovers Been doing alot of research and looking at whats out there. Car is a street car. You might say its better to just get springs but then the struts are going to go eventually. I don't have a lot of money so im looking for the best package.

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The Best Coilovers For the Mk7 Golf GTI KW V3 Fortune Auto 500 Series Silvers Neomax BC Racing BR Series ST X Solo-Werks S1 Conclusion About the Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTI The MK7 GTI was released in 2013 and was the first ever European car to win Car of the Year Japan.

The Best MK7 GTI Coilovers VW Tuning

The Best MK7 GTI Coilovers Meet Trey Trey is an automotive enthusiast and has a huge passion for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles of all kinds. His enthusiasm started with the MK5 GTI, and he has massively expanded his knowledge over the years.

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$449.00 - Our Classic Volkswagen MK7 GTI coilovers are height-adjustable from 1 to 3 inches below stock height. They offer higher spring and damping rates over the stock suspension to improve your GTI's stability, grip, and look - all backed by the best, hassle-free lifetime warranty in the business and 30-day returns.

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#1 Hey guys it's me again and I need some insight on which coilovers are best for the mk7. Finding coilovers for NB was easy and I was able to set the lowest ride height without sacrificing comfort as well. I know there are plenty of coilovers for the mk7, but I want something that would not only benefit the ride, but to get the best look possible.

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They're still good at it: the MK7 Golf GTI is still the best selling hot hatch in the world, despite stiff competition from the likes of Ford and Hyundai. The MK7 Golf GTI's pack a ridiculous 230 horsepower and an optional dual clutch DSG gearbox, plus all the creature comforts one could want from a modern family hauler hatchback.

Rev9 Hyper Street II Coilovers VW Golf/GTi MK7 [49.5mm OEM Struts] (15

At higher speeds, the Vogtland's reduced perceptible body roll is fairly significant; as a non-scientific and purely subjective estimate, I'd say there's about 30-50% less in spirited conditions. Note there's still enough body roll in higher speed turns and spirited driving for you to notice.

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It's 12-way adjustable without needing tools or jacking, and the company claims the adjusters are "beautifully over-engineered." Ride height range for the GTI is 2.4 inches at the front, 2.8.

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MK7 GTI ECU Tune/Remap. MK7 GTI stage 2 and stage 3 tunes are available from the usual players like Unitronic, Revo, IE, Cobb, 034, APR, EcuTek. Local tuners like MRC who work as agents of the big tuners will have the same/similar maps. Contact the names mentioned above directly and they should be able to point you in the direction of a local.

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2015 VW MK7 GTI Project - New Coilovers We can't let go. Related Video. Michael Febbo Writer. Nov 14, 2016.. The MK7 GTI is, in my opinion, the best performance car less than $60,000 in years.

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Volkswagen MK7 Coilover Kits & Accessories 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Page APR BC Racing Bilstein Covers DCC Delete ECS FK Godspeed H&R HPA ISC Suspension Install Kit KW Ksport Ohlins Racingline ST Solo Werks Tools Sort By MK7/MK8/8V Adjustable Damping Coilover System

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MK7 GTI Coilovers Filter: Availability Price Brand Product type Part Type Sort by: 32 products Starting At $1,195.00 BC Racing BR Series Coilover Kit | 2015-2017 Volkswagen Golf/GTI/R Mk7 (H-24-BR) Save 7% In Stock $1,062.50 $1,250.00 KSport Kontrol Pro Coilovers | 2015+ Volkswagen GTI (CVW360-KP) Save 15% $433.95

Pimp Das Auto Best Coilovers for MK7 Volkswagen Golf GTI Motoroso Blog

ST X coilovers MK7.5 GTI (reviews please) Thread starter bekro; Start date Apr 16, 2018; 1; 2; 3; Next. 1 of 3 Go to page. Go. Next Last. B. bekro Ready to race! Location MI Car(s) GtI SE Apr 16, 2018 #1 For those of you that have put this setup on your MK7 GTI, please fill me in on your experience with the product. I just purchased these and.

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Posting to share my experience with fellow VW enthusiasts and to ask for advice. A brand new set of Bilstein B16 DamTronic Coilovers purchased from BMP Tuning was installed on my 2017 Golf R MT by a professional VW/Audi mechanic at a local shop RayTeam Automotive in August of 2022. After 10.

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KW, Ohlins, and H&R are gonna be your best bet for coilovers that offer the ability to have a very comfortable but adjustable ride, however they will be pretty expensive. $500 max in springs vs 1.2-3.5k+ for coilovers.

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If you decide to purchase some BC Coilovers in the future, definitely go through him! Without further ado, let me begin. When my search for coilovers began, I had things I really wanted to get the car dialed:. 2015 Mk7 GTI nonPP BC Coilovers w/ Swift 8K/9K Spring Rates 235/45-17 Bridgestone RE11 on 17x8et35 Enkei PF01 / 235/45-17 PSS / 235/.

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