Dale Harwood Saddle

16 inch Dale Harwood Wade Saddle

$10.00/Year Includes 5 free photos Click Here Advertisements Contact us with questions, comments or suggestions - Click Here. Trail's End Saddle Shop Dale Harwood Makers Shelley Idaho-->>15 1/2 inch seat-->>Serial number JV 00299-->>This is the Ray Hunt, model made to his specifications-->>Saddle is a

Dale Harwood Trail's End Saddle Shop 3B Ranch Saddle Fine Western Saddles

Dale Harwood's love affair with the saddle began while he was growing up on a ranch in southeastern Idaho. When he was 12, he was bedridden for six months with rheumatic fever. To keep him occupied, Harwood's father bought him stamp tools and leather and made a bench that allowed the boy to work in bed.

Dale Harwood Trail's End Saddle Shop 3B Ranch Saddle Fine Western Saddles

Martin Saddlery is a custom saddle shop, located in Greenville, Texas. Our hand crafted leather tack and saddles are made from the finest leather, and built specifically for durability, comfort and quality. We are the company that cowboys keep.

Dale Harwood Saddle

Gorgeous Dale Harwood Maker saddle. If you know enough to look at this ad, I don't have to tell you that Dale's saddles start at 15k and he's no longer taking orders. There are not many people who will have a chance to own a saddle of this caliber by this legendary maker.

Dale Harwood Saddle

Dale Harwood Trail's End Saddle Shop-- 15 inch seat-- 3 B model-- 27 inch long skirt-- 3 1/4 inch tall horn with 4 inch diameter cap-- Flat plate rigging-- Serial number 72325-- Rawhide covered bell stirrups-- Saddle is in nice, original condition.

New Trail's End Saddlery (Dale Harwood) Wade Ranch Saddle, Roping Sadd

Dale Harwood Video: Saddlemaker (Ranch Handcraft) Western Folklife Center 10.9K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 844 205K views 13 years ago

15 inch Dale Harwood Saddle

Western DLee1 June 3, 2023, 1:45am #1 Any thoughts on the worth of a true Dale Harwood saddle, tooled and with silver? Ball parkish? I don't have any photos presently. BrownDerby June 2, 2023, 2:32am #2 $4k to $25k, depending on the condition and specs. DLee1 June 2, 2023, 2:33am #3 Yeah that's what I was afraid of

New Trail's End Saddlery (Dale Harwood) Wade Ranch Saddle, Roping Sadd

Western Saddles made by Kent Frecker. We've made saddles for Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt, Curt Pate, Dale Harwood, and Tom Selleck.

Dale Harwood 3B Roping Saddle Sold

Sold Out Trail's End Saddle Shop (Dale Harwood Maker)-- 14 1/2 inch seat-- Serial number 73380-- Built by Dale Harwood himself-- 3 1/2 inch tall horn with 4 inch diameter cap-- 26 inch long skirt-- New keepers and fleece has been replaced with synthetic fleece. Back girth is a new replacement. Tweet Pin It

Rare Custom Dale Harwood Made Bareback Saddle

Bio Born in the southeastern Idaho town of Grace, Dale Harwood grew up on a ranch and as a young man he worked on the family ranch, as did most local youth of his generation. In addition to tending livestock, he learned to repair tack and saddles.

Rare Custom Dale Harwood Made Bareback Saddle

Fast forward to 1980, when I first had the honor of meeting Master Saddle Maker, Dale Harwood. Our family owned several Harwood saddles, and I was completely mesmerized by the quality of the craftsmanship and the beauty of the carved leather.

Harwood Wade Saddle

Dale Harwood 1999 TCAA Exhibition Saddle. From the very first TCAA exhibition in September of 1999 at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, this saddle is a masterpiece of saddle maker's art. Built on a 15" Wade tree, 7/8 double flat plate rigging, 4" cantle with Cheyenne roll, full tame-rose carving, sterling silver horn cap.

Rare Custom Dale Harwood Made Bareback Saddle

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Dale Harwood Wade Saddle

ABOUT THE ARTIST Dale Harwood Shelley, ID Dale´s reputation as a saddlemaker extends far beyond the borders of Idaho, the state he has always called home.. Dale received the Best of Show award at the Western Folklife Center´s 1997 saddle exhibition and was honored with the Idaho Governor´s Arts Award for Excellence in Folk and Traditional.

Dale Harwood Lou Ellen Saddle

As of August 2018, Dale Harwood is about to start building the last two saddles of his career. You don't need much of a reason to stop and say hello to Dale and Karron Harwood and I didn't really have one.

Trail’s End Saddle Shop (Dale Harwood) Wade Saddle

1. You won't learn how to make a saddle from these videos. 2. You will learn a lot from watching these videos. It is my understanding that the Jeremiah Watt series is more instructional, but you do get to see Dale work his craft and he explains why he does some of the things the way he does.

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