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Length of Guts' Swords Tattoo I plan on getting a tattoo of both Guts' dragon slayer sword, as well as the sword he used during his time with the band of the hawk. I'll be getting them tattooed side by side, and would like to know the lengths for both so I may get them proportionately sized. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated! Sort by:

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Studio Ghibli Thigh Piece (Dark Skin) - Done by Zira-Chan at BsideSkin Tattoo in Braga, Portugal. Some recent tattoos, from my flash, done by me! IG: @ethan.oberholzer. First session on a coerup of a 27 year old bad decision.

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According to the story, Guts is branded for death and thus he sports the iconic curse sign on the right side of his neck. However, after surviving the sacrificial ceremony, he is set on a journey to defy death at the hands of beasts.

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Guts Tattoo As we mentioned in the introduction, Guts is the main character, renowned as the 'Black Swordsmith'. As a former mercenary and a branded wanderer (Brand of Sacrifice), he now wanders the world trying to find the end to all his suffering. He is a cynical man with a generally bleak outlook on life.

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Berserk Casca Tattoo is famous because of the pain and suffering she goes through during the animated series. She is a strong character, but there are moments in the anime where her courage completely shatters due to her unimaginable pain.

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Very cool design. I would alter the length of the sword so it's not stubby looking though. If it hangs of the edge it would still look neat as opposed to shortening it to fit inside the circle of thorns. Thanks man! I thought of that initially, but I wanted to make it totally "combined" with the brand of sacrifice.

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Berserk Sword Tattoo: Embodying Strength and Courage. Last but not least, we have the Berserk sword tattoo. The Dragon Slayer, Guts' massive sword, is a symbol of strength, courage, and resilience - just like Guts himself. A tattoo of this iconic tool can serve as a reminder of your own strength and ability to overcome challenges.

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In other words, one who survives, like the main character Guts, has access to the Astral world - Guts exists "outside the reason of the Physical World, giving him half-step over the most others in the current casualty. We will talk about the Brand of Sacrifice in more detail and try to explain the significance it has in the Berserk lore and story.

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The other main subject used in Berserk tattoos is Guts' badass bastard sword, which is known as the Dragons Slayer. Check out these top 41 Berserk tattoo ideas that you can use as inspiration for a tattoo of your own. 1. Behelit Berserk Tattoo Ideas Source: @akskaiju via Instagram Source: @ceilingham via Instagram

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Guts and Griffith Berserk Tattoos @raineisonfire via Instagram - Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo The interplay between good and evil in Berserk is anything but clear-cut, much like the relationship between Guts and Griffith. A tattoo that captures this dynamic duo is a testament to their compelling narrative and complex personalities.

Guts' sword Dragonslayer Berserk Dragon Knight, Dragon Slayer, Dark

👩‍🎤 Guts transforms into the supernatural creature known as the Berserker while engaged in combat. Berserker tattoos usually have complex and potent design. 👩‍🎤 In the Berserk manga and anime, Zodd is a beast spirit. He frequently has wings and a sword in one hand in tattoos.


Guts is known for his strength and determination, as well as his fierce and relentless fighting style. You may symbolize these traits with a cool tattoo of him like the one above. 4. Full Arm Berserk Tattoo. Having a full arm tattoo of Guts may symbolize your admiration for the character and his traits.

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Guts and Schierke Guts and Schierke by @toniangar This piece is a very bold piece, demonstrating thick lines to make the tattoo stand out a bit more. The piece shows a concerned Schierke doing her best to keep Guts under control, and preventing him from going full berserker under the influence of the infamous berserker armor that he dawns.

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Guts: The main character of the series and one who can be considered an anti-hero is Guts, The Black Swordsman, the one who slayed 100 knights single-handedly, fought tooth and nail against the monstrous Zodd on numerous occasions and is the one who constantly fights against his destiny, always pushing his limits even if it means having his body.

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