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1. Braided Mohawk Hairstyle with Weave. Instagram @cwbraids_br. For this look, the hair at the front has been braided into long, single braids that are shaped into chunky braids and run down the middle of the head. There are also fashionable side braids. This gorgeous hairstyle will glam up your appearance.

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There are just as many options even if you don't have natural hair. After a few decades as a professional stylist, I have pulled off a number of different braids, mohawk braids included. So, I can guide you through the entire selection. Let's take a look. The Best Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

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3. Ghana Weaving Mohawk Updo View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nke (@crownedbynkellc) This is eccentricity at its best! A combination of Ghana weaving and a proper low cut to an impeccable mohawk appearance. Simply cut your hair low, leaving some at the front towards the middle of your head.

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This curled mohawk is beautiful and very easy to achieve. Braid your hair at the sides and the back in medium-sized cornrows. Braid them until you reach the top of your head. Instead of braiding the rest of the way down, curl the ends of your hair. Join the curls to create the mohawk.

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Table of Contents What is Mohawk Braid Hairstyle? The Mohawk braid is a type of hairstyle that involves braiding the hair along the scalp, usually in a raised, central strip. This strip is often called a "Mohawk," and the hairstyle is sometimes called a "Mohawk braid."

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Here's my tutorial on how to do tight braids for watching and see you next week 😊

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Mohawk with Curls for Stylish Women Forget the pixie cut, or the 'pob', there are many more options available for women now who want to have the chop. Try out these beautiful curly hairstyles with a mohawk to get noticed by everyone. 1. Sharp and Clean Curly Mohawk

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Hey guys in this tutorial, I'm demonstrating how to achieve a natural looking curly crochet braids mohican. It is very simple and quick to do (1.5-2 hours!)H.

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4. Side Mohawk Braids IMAGE BY: @SANDRASBRAIDS/INSTAGRAM The side mohawk braids is a very pretty mohawk style that lets you get creative with the cornrows on the sides of the head. As the name implies, this hairstyle features cornrows on one or both sides of the head which then falls in braids or twists down to the neck. 5. Curly Mohawk Braids

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Start with the cream and then add a layer of the lotion. Once the products are in, start to twist your curls around your finger. When done, let them dry naturally and add a bit of cream with your fingertips so you don't disturb the curls; then lightly shake it out," she instructs. 17 of 40.

Curly Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women Top Most Women Hairstyles

When it comes to a curly hair Mohawk with cornrow braids this is one of the more classic hairstyles. The plaits are built using a cascading design that trickles down the side of the head beautifully, while an extra bit of length is kept up top to showcase her charming all natural curls. 2. Double Dutch Braids


If you want a brave, bold change, this hairstyle might be for you! Mohawk hairstyles are often considered edgy, however, big curls makes this hairdo ultra-feminine and sexy. Big curls can be styled with flat iron or curling hairstyler. This mohawk is a great style for any face shape. 2. Big Curly Updo Mohawk Photo Credit:

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Mohawk braids don't have to be rebelliously dramatic. Instead, take a cue from the style and incorporate just a whisper of it into your next formal hairdo. For this, all you need is medium-length hair, bobby pins and a setting spray. Save Instagram / @heatherchapmanhair 3. Elsa Inspired Faux Hawk

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2. Braided Mohawk Hairstyle with Senegalese Twists HOW TO - BRAIDED MOHAWK WITH ROPE TWISTS While mohawks aren't usually associated with being easy to wear and versatile, this hairstyle is the exception. It pairs a braided mohawk with long, shiny Senegalese twists. And there are a few different ways to incorporate the twists into the look.

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Leah Marie Leah LOVES hair. So much so, she dedicated an entire website to it! One of the founders of Hair Everyday and Chief Editor, Leah enjoys reviewing all the hair products and showcasing the best. She believes her most underrated articles are her hair care tips! The braided mohawk hairstyle is a look that has deep cultural rules.

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