My Time at Sandrock Update Adds Marriage System for Romance Options

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My Time at Sandrock Mi-an Guide - Gifts & Perks Last Updated: May 25, 2022 8:38 PM / By: Courtney Ehrenhofler From Tallsky, the City of Builders, Mi-an is lively, cheerful, positive and always full of energy. As a Builder, she values knowledge and is diligent in learning more about her trade.

My Time in Sandrock is a deeper, dryer take on its Portia predecessor

All Romanceable Characters & Gift Preferences in My Time at Sandrock First comes love, then comes marriage. Kristina Ebanez Nov 8, 2023 2023-11-08T19:29:28-05:00

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My Time At Sandrock: Complete Gift Guide By Gabrielle Castania Published Dec 4, 2023 If you want to befriend or date someone in Sandrock, giving them these gifts is the fastest way to their hearts - romantically or platonically! This article is part of a directory: My Time At Sandrock Complete Guide And Walkthrough Table of contents Quick Links

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Nia is a character that is present from the start of the game, but only through letters. Nia will send you several letters in the mail as the events of Sandrock progress. You can choose to reply to these letters to get Friendship Points with her. She won't be permanently present in Sandrock until the game's third act though.

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The morning after coming into town, Nia will be waiting for you at your doorstep. After a cutscene in which you show her your Workshop, she'll then ask to take a picture with you - accept, and all.

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By Dayne Menezes Last updated Nov 5, 2023 Source - Steam In My Time At Sandrock, you can make just about anyone your friend by using this Gift Guide. You can check the items they like and impress them. This game has a lot of characters, and finding out who likes what can be quite nerve-racking.

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Gift Guide for My Time at Sandrock My Time at Sandrock has a huge cast of characters, and with so many characters it can be difficult to keep track of who likes what. That's where we come in! Simply select a NPC to find the best gifts for them. Townsfolk in Sandrock can love, like, be neutral to, dislike, or even hate a gift.

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Heidi is the Architect in My Time at Sandrock and the person you'll want to see when you want to upgrade or move your home within your land.She has a fondness for jewelry and an odd love of Marble Slabs. If you want to become Good Friends with Heidi, our My Time at Sandrock Heidi guide will help you learn what you need to know to make that happen by giving Heidi Gifts and interacting with her!

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November 7, 2023 by Harry If you're looking for a guide on how to romance Nia in My Time at Sandrock, including her favorite gifts, here's everything you should know. To romance Nia in MTaS, wait until she visits Sandrock and progress her side story until you go on a date.

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My Time at Sandrock is a little more generous on this front than most as it actually gives you solid numbers denoting how much a gift affects a character's relationship with you. That said,.

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DragonHalo99 Nov 7, 2023 @ 8:58am NIa Gifts Anyone know what gifts nia loves the fandom wiki has nothing? Showing 1 - 3 of 3 comments SimuLord Nov 7, 2023 @ 9:00am She loves the Concentrated Algae Apparatus (+20) and Sand Jujube Cake (+13).

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Amirah Relationship Perks. Amirah has 3 Perks that you'll gain from growing your relationship with her: Buddy: Receive a 10% discount in the store. Friend: Receive a 20% discount in the store. Good Friend: Receive a 25% discount in the store.

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3Amirah Nia is the player's childhood friend who lives in Highwind. At the start of the game, the player communicates with Nia through letters received in their mailbox. Following Logan's attack on the water tower, Nia visits Sandrock for a brief three-day period before returning to Highwind. She.

My Time at Sandrock Update Adds Marriage System for Romance Options

Sends you a gift in the mail from time to time. Nia---Owen. 10% off at the Blue Moon Saloon. 20% off at the Blue Moon Saloon. 25% off at the Blue Moon Saloon. Pablo. Sends you a gift in the mail from time to time--Pen +5 Attack +100 HP +5% Critical Chance. Qi. Sends you a gift in the mail from time to time--Unsuur +5 Defense--Venti. Sends you a.

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My Time at Sandrock Nia Guide - Gifts & Perks Last Updated: September 5, 2022 11:51 AM / By: Isaac Todd Nia is a childhood friend of the player, sending you letters not long after your arrival in Sandrock. Events over the course of the story will see her coming to visit you in person.

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My Time At Sandrock: Complete Relation Perk Guide As if the joy of their company weren't enough. Complete commissions to curry favor, stop by for daily chats, play card games, and give them their favorite gifts until you can begin inviting your favorites out on dates.

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