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Your orthodontist attaches a metal bracket to each tooth with a strong dental cement, then connects the brackets with a wire called an 'archwire'. Small bands hold the wire in place. The orthodontist tightens the wire in different places to gradually pull your teeth into alignment.

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Step 1 Click on a color, then click either directly on the teeth or on one of the tooth selections below to change the color. Step 2 Share this page using the share buttons below. Step 3 Print out your custom braces colors! Step 4 Call us or click here to schedule a free consultation. Request An Appointment

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Blue Braces: Putting blue braces color on teeth will show that you are relaxed and calm. Green Braces: Wearing green braces will indicate that you are a kind and generous person. The green color also symbolizes good luck. Orange Braces: If you choose orange braces, it may indicate that you are a cool personality and you don't care what people.

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The color picker or color wheel for braces is a tool that shows you how many colors are available. It also assists you in selecting a hue and allows you to consider your options before making a final decision.

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Your eye and hair color also play a huge factor. If your eyes are a stunning color, highlight them with a corresponding braces shade. Unlike girls, boys, when they make decisions, appearances are not a big deal for most boys. Common color selections of braces for boys are their school colors or favorite sports team.

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There are many ways to decide what color If you are having trouble picking the right color for your braces, check out these tips and consult with your orthodontist.

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The braces color wheel spans from neutral colors such as white to bright neon colors such as hot pink, and you can use this guide to start planning how to mix and match the right colors to bring out your best attributes. Contents [ hide] 1 What Do Rubber Bands Do In Your Braces? 2 Are You Concerned About Staining?

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Choose darker colors to make your teeth appear whiter. Moreover, avoid black braces colors as they cause teeth appearance stained or discolored. Many people often overlook the fact that they are allowed to have a wide variety of good braces colors when it comes to their braces colors.

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1. Select A Color 2. Click on an individual tooth to change it to that color, or select a Fill option right above the colors to fill multiple teeth at one time. (Choices are: All Teeth, Upper Teeth, Lower Teeth, Alternate Odd, Alternate Even). To Print: Click control (for MAC) or right-click (for WIN) on teeth and choose 'Print'.

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To start painting your braces, click on a color, then on the tooth you want to paint. Or, click on a color, then click on one of the buttons below to assign that color to specific teeth. Check with your orthodontist to see which fun colors are available for your teeth! Great! Now click on a tooth, or choose an option below!

What Color Braces To Get When you go to your orthodontist, you can

How coloured braces work. Although they are often called 'coloured braces', this type of brace is actually made from metal. It's the small elastic bands fitted to the brackets which allow you to add some colour. Your orthodontist fixes a metal bracket to each tooth with a strong dental cement, then connects the brackets with a wire called an.

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Absolutely! Choosing the best braces colors is an exciting part of your orthodontic journey, and I'm here to make it enjoyable. We offer a vibrant braces color wheel so you can visually explore the shades that resonate with your style. Additionally, you can see how specific colors look on your braces with our elastic samples.

How Braces are Applied

During each appointment, your orthodontist will tighten your wires, allowing you to alternate the color of your braces. Depending on how frequently you require modifications, you could end up with a fresh color every four to six weeks or even less frequently. Braces Color Wheel: Find the best colors for you

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Braces Colors like pink, red, green, orange, yellow, blue, and purple are the best color bands that are in hype for adults and teens. If you are someone that likes going with trends then you should grab these color bands with the help of your orthodontist. WHAT COLOR BRACES ARE BEST FOR YELLOW TEETH?

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What Is The Best Color… You should pick a color you'll be satisfied with because some individuals wear braces for months or even years. The most popular colors include red, blue, green, purple, and pink braces. You can also mix and match cute braces colors to make your palette.

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Hansen Orthodontics - Northwest. 3600 N Buffalo Dr, Suite 110. Las Vegas, NV 89129. Phone: (702) 568-1600. Choosing braces colors is hard, and there are a few things to keep in mind. Remember that your bands change often, so don't worry too much!

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