Vase; Royal Bayreuth; 19021915; CT89.1915.2 eHive

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Porcelain Marks & More - your one-stop resource for German and related porcelain marks and manufacturer history. About PM&M. Contact Me. Legal. Changelog. Credits. Used after 1968, 'ANNO 1794' stands for '1794 A.D.', 'Royal' indicates that this mark was used for export. Also found with or w/o either 'BAVARIA' or 'GERMANY'. Image 7-45. Used.

Vase; Royal Bayreuth; 19021915; CT89.1915.2 eHive

The Van Briggle Pottery mark is a double A logo consisting of two conjoined A's within a circle. Between 1901 and 1907, the pieces were consistently dated, but after that only some pieces contain a date. The Van Briggle Pottery mark was usually etched into wet clay on the bottom of a piece of pottery.

Royal Bayreuth Tapestry Rose Small Pitcher Blue Mark from misssmithvt

Royal Bayreuth OSTRICH Creamer. Blue mark Completed $3160. Beautiful Coiled Snake Pitcher Royal Bayreuth Blue Mark Bavaria Fine Condition Completed $3127.77. Rarely seen Royal Bayreuth Tiger creamer 4" tall 3-1/2" base diameter Blue mark Completed $2999.99. VERY RARE.

Vtg Royal Bayreuth Bavaria Blue Mark Cavaliers Musketeers Dish

Sale Porcelain & Pottery 220 Items 1 of 2 View as Royal Bayreuth Double Handle Musicians Creamer Fragile Follies $20 OFFER Royal Bayreuth Woman Gleaning Wheat Vase Fragile Follies $18 OFFER Unmarked Royal Bayreuth Laced Ladies Boot Fragile Follies $45 OFFER Royal Bayreuth Children Kissing Vase Fragile Follies $22 OFFER

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Königlich Tettau Royal Tettau, Annual stein 1979, top view Ink stamp, complete with decorators name. Ink Stamp Royal Tettau, Annual stein 1979, limited edition, Wittelsbach stein "Royal Bayreuth" ink stamped mark - 1902 onward . "PT" stands for Porzellanmanufaktur Tettau.

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14 PIECES ROYAL BAYREUTH DEVIL & CARDS PORCELAIN14 pieces Royal Bayreuth porcelain with devil and playing cards motif. 2 pitchers, creamer, mug and nappy with blue Royal Bayreuth Bavaria Priv. 1794 marks; 2 smaller creamers with green Royal Bayreuth Bavaria marks, unmarked salt & pepper; limited edition pitcher and 4 mugs with later blue mark, m.

Sold at Auction Royal Bayreuth, Antique Royal Bayreuth Elk Creamer

Vintage Royal Bayreuth Bavaria P T PRIV 1794 Blue Mark Candy Trinket Dish. (90) $46.75. $55.00 (15% off) FREE shipping. 1902 Royal Bayreuth CORINTHIAN/ROMAN Figurines on Black with Orange Interior ~ X-Large Ewer/Tankard 8"H - RARE find! Blue Mark.

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Royal Bayreuth is a term used by American collectors to refer to ceramics made by the following companies located in Tettau, Bavaria, Germany. In 1792, Alexander von Humboldt, a German geologist, was appointed by the King of Bavaria to find a location for a ceramic factory in Thuringia. Humboldt selected a site on a hill outside of Tettau.

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Pitting to glaze. Issued: 20th c. Dimensions: 4"H Manufacturer: Royal Bayreuth Country of Origin: Germany ROYAL BAYREUTH TRINKET BOX, COURTING ROYAL BAYREUTH TRINKET BOX, COURTING COUPLE PATTERNPorcelain; Tapestry style ground with scene of a courting couple.

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A good guide to the timeline & marks is HERE. "Royal Bayreuth" was added to the marks on porcelain produced in the Tettau factory after the 1897 fire that destroyed it. History seems to be lost as to why. We know that each new owner changed the mark.

How to date Royal Bayreuth pottery Our Pastimes

The mark on your creamer, in blue, green, or black, was used after 1900. The date on the mark is the year Royal Bayreuth was founded in Tettau, Bavaria. The company is still in business, now making dinnerware. There is a club for collectors, the Royal Bayreuth Collectors Club (, which has an annual convention.

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Royal Bayreuth porcelain has been made since 1794 in Tettau, Bavaria, Germany. A stylized "T" mark was the only way to identify Royal Bayreuth porcelain from 1794 to 1885. Then, from 1885 until 1902, a single lion appeared. For the rest of the 20th century, dual lions adorned many of Royal Bayreuth's pieces.

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There are quite a few different marks to be found on RB. The earliest version was simply a blue cursive "T." It later evolved into a rampant lion holding a "T" shield. Between 1887 and 1902, both blue and green marks were used.

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Registered at the ⇒R.W.Z.R. under №·396·963 on January 15th 1929. Used between 1929 and 1973, same as before. Addition 'BAVARIA' only. Used between 1973 and 1980, note the additions 'BAVARIA' and 'GERMANY'. Used from 1980 onwards, 'WALKÜRE, BAYREUTH, BAVARIA', 'GUDRUN' was the series. Used from 1980 onwards, 'WALKÜRE, BAYREUTH, BAVARIA.


Royal Bayreuth is the name of a factory that was founded in Tettau, Bavaria, in 1794. It closed in 2019. The marks have changed through the years. A stylized crest, the name Royal Bayreuth, and the word Bavaria appear in slightly different forms from 1870 to about 1919.

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Royal Bayreuth (RB) is a fine porcelain coveted by collectors since the early 1800's. Vintage pieces, the main focus of the club, were produced from the early 1900's. Many of these pieces were sold as souvenirs and were marked with popular tourist locations. The factory in Tettau Germany is still in operation today making fine dinnerware.

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