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Fifty four illustrations have been created, covering the general anatomy of the teeth, the terminology and nomenclature used in dentistry (particularly for the surfaces, orientations, cusps and roots of the teeth), the different dental numbering systems (FDI World Dental Federation notation or Universal Numbering System) and the study of dental.

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Figure 1: Maxillary central incisor. 3 Figure 2: Maxillary lateral incisor. 4 Canines There are 4 canines in both primary and permanent dentition; 2 maxillary and 2 mandibular.

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This area (Odontogram) displays a graphical representation of the teeth in the patient's upper and lower jaws, including Base Charting, Historical Charting and Planned Treatment. The Tooth Chart can be displayed in two dimensional or via 3d charting. This guide looks at 2-dimensional tooth charting. The tooth chart has 32 teeth (8 per quarter.

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The surface of the tooth that is towards or adjacent to the tongue. The term lingual surface is used for the surface of a mandibular tooth (anterior or posterior) that is present immediately adjacent to the tongue. Clinical picture showing lingual and occlusal surfaces (Red arrows=Lingual surfaces) Mesial Surface

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This is the lingual surface of tooth #25. This is the buccal surface of tooth #3. This is the mesial surface of tooth #20. This is the facial surface of tooth #8. Note how it faces the inside of the lip. Roll mouse over blue shapes to view tooth surface names. This is the occlusial surface of tooth #18. This is the distal surface of tooth #14.

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apical - Toward the root of the tooth; apex of the tooth. bifurcated - Single tooth with two roots. buccal - The surface that is facing the cheeks in the back of the mouth. cementum - The tissue covering the root of the tooth. cementoenamel junction (CEJ) - The line where the enamel and the cementum of the tooth join.

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The main functions of the teeth include: chewing food into a bolus that can be easily swallowed for further digestion giving structure, tissue support and shape to the face aiding in the pronunciation of sounds during speech

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Tooth surface recording R. Huang British Dental Journal 204 , 5 ( 2008) Cite this article 9076 Accesses 1 Citations Metrics Sir, I would like to share with your readers a suggestion for.

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There are seven tooth surfaces most commonly used. Three of the surfaces are used on all tooth types, while use of the remaining surfaces is dependent onthe toothtype. All Tooth Types Anterior Only Posterior Only 726Anterior I, F, L, M, D 825Anterior I, F, L, M, D 924Anterior I, F, L, M, D

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Dental anatomy worksheet activity. An excellent way to revise a new system, organ, region or group of structures is with diagrams labeled with all of the relevant anatomy. By viewing several structures together in one tooth image, you'll be able to: Put all of the information you've learned into context. Link the relations between adjoining.

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These teeth surfaces are used to describe the surfaces of the teeth that are either facing towards the tongue or away from the tongue. The lingual surface is the tongue side of the teeth and is highlighted in green in the diagram above. It is named lingual because the word can be broken down from the Latin roots "ling" meaning tongue and.

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An Overview of Dental Anatomy Course Number: 500 PDF Take the Test Course Contents Glossary Bone Structure of the Face Facial Landmarks Landmarks in the Oral Cavity Teeth in the Oral Cavity Types of Teeth, Structures, Location a. Divisions and Components of the Teeth Types of Teeth and their Functions Surfaces of the Teeth Dentitions

Your Tooth Surfaces Explained Dental Clinique

A teeth chart is a simple drawing or illustration of your teeth with names, numbers, and types of teeth. There are separate teeth number charts for adults as well as babies. This diagram helps us learn the names of each tooth, the corresponding number, and their location.

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Any of the outer portions of a tooth. Tooth surfaces are labelled according to their relation to the midline or to structures in the oral cavity. Abbreviations may be used when describing cavities or restorations involving these surfaces e.g. MOD for a cavity or restoration involving the mesial, occlusal, and distal surfaces. Tooth surfaces.

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