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This is a home-made can crusher made from a bicycle sprocket, an old garage door opener motor, and several pieces of scrap wood lying around the shop.. and several pieces of scrap wood lying.

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Pardecor 16 oz Metal Can Crusher Check Price Simple Yet Solid This solid and economical can crusher can be used indoors or outdoors. Fits cans sizes 12 to 16 ounces. Saves space in recycling by decreasing can size but as much as 80%. Simple to install on indoor or outdoor surfaces. Requires lubricant for most efficient use.

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DIY Wooden Can Crusher: This DIY Wooden Can Crusher is an engaging project that you can complete using scrap wood in an afternoon. It features a PVC pipe holder that snugly fits a can, providing convenience in crushing cans for recycling purposes.

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The long, perfectly routed handle ( ahem) makes crushing cans simple. My girls (10 and 12) came out and were crushing away. When we ran out of cans (we really don't drink very much pop), we started crushing water bottles and juice boxes. That's going to take up a lot less space in your recycling bin right?

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Step 1: Cut Out Pieces From Wood and PVC Here are the pieces you will need to cut out. I used a router circle jig to cut the crusher head. It does not have to be perfect, nor round. For the can holder, I used a piece of PVC pipe that was just large enough for a can. You can use a coping saw, or hack saw to cut the PVC. Ask Question

Can Crusher Plans Gizmo Plans in 2021 Can crusher, Woodworking

This can crusher is a great project to get the kids in the shop. It has a few simple parts and goes together quickly. The best part of all? When you've completed it, you can put it to work by cleaning up your recycling bins. We earn from qualifying purchases made through affiliate links.

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Cut your stock for the jaws (pieces 4) a little oversize at first, then trim them to size later, after the laminations dry. Once the parts are cut, glue the four jaw pieces into two pairs. We decided to make the jaws extra thick so they'll CAN CRUSHER 81 stand up to the stress of can crushing.

Can Crusher Diy Can crusher Can crushers, Metal projects, Welding

Something a little different this week as I demonstrate how to make a can crusher. I hope you enjoy the show.If you haven't already, please considering liki.

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The Wooden Can Crusher is a simple and easy project that can help you recycle old cans. It has a powerful pinch force to crush any metal can into small pieces so you can use them again. The wood is resistant to water, and it's easy to clean if you want to remove the crusher from the PVC pipe. Always wear protective goggles when working with.

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752 Save 82K views 3 years ago I decided to make a Can Crusher from some pallet wood. Adding a routered channel for a pin, helps the plunger stay aligned, but this is not necessary. 3 coats.

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1. DIY Pneumatic Can Crusher So this video guide starts off big, with a bench grinder, this was to sharpen the spade bit that the creator used to make holes on ยพ" plywood. The making process is super easy to follow, and this project will require some advanced woodworking tools. 2. DIY Shop-Made Can Crusher

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Wooden Capacity Crusher: This are a entertaining project you can make stylish an afternoon with just scrap wood and this right tools. I used Pear and Sapele mainly.You will need the appropriate amount of wood, three bolts with washers and nuts, and something to crush. Drink up!Overalโ€ฆ

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The Wall Mounted Can Crusher from OSSIAN effortlessly crushes aluminium cans up to 16oz / 500ml, making it perfect for drinking cans such as Coke or Pepsi. Simply place your empty can on the crusher shelf and pull down the soft grip handle and the jobs done. This fantastic tool will help you easily recycle without taking up too much room, cans.

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There aren't too many videos about wooden can crushers on YouTube so I thought I'd make one. I've used this design for 7-8 years now and have never had a pr.

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Lhfacc Air Cylinder Can Crusher. Check Latest Price. This air cylinder can crusher by Lhfacc uses an air cylinder to crush metal cans up to 7 inches in height. The Cylinder Bore is 2.4 inches and the Cylinder Stroke is 7.9 inches which provides enough force to crush cans easily. It has a flush press valve that is used to activate the crusher.

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Wood or Metal Boards or PVC pipes: These materials will form the base structure and the lever arm of your metallic plastic or wooden can crusher. You can choose wood for a simpler, more accessible version or opt for metal if you're experienced and have enough tools. However, PVC pipe is a cheap and easy option.

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